Art Classes

We support:

*Anyone with a passion to learn how to draw, paint and create.

*La’Salle College of the Arts art portfolio preparation.

*Nangyang Academy of Fine Arts art portfolio preparation.

*Any overseas Art & Design College & University art portfolio preparation.

*SOTA applicants and students.

*IB students.

*GCSE & A level students.

*Home schoolers.

*Anyone who needs extra support in getting along in life.

*We explore the Core Fundamental Principles of Art & Design and show you how it’s related to life and who we are as human beings.

*We include History of Art & the different Art Genres in an interesting and meaningful way.

*We activate and re-balance your left and right brain through art and creative play.

*We give the best to nurture the best!

*Peaceful, relaxing, informative, fascinating lessons for all.