This is also perfect for individuals with low self-esteem, with high anxiety
levels, difficulty in coping with life or people around, anger issues or fears.

We do not focus on labels but for ease of communication, we have worked
with teens, adults & children with the following diagnosis ~ Depression, Anxiety,
Bipolar, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours, Autism,
Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Aphantasia & soon.

Any friends with physical disabilities are also welcome to explore.

An individual session for all ages where you are brought back into a space of allowing & belonging.

Call or arrange a visit for a complimentary discussion on how we may serve.

Bring Awareness to Your Physical & Spiritual Body.
Enhance Your Senses & Widen Your Perceptions.
Release Fears & Embrace Life.
Experiment with Different Art Mediums to Find Your Voice in Art.

Exploring art together with the main five senses, this workshop aims to guide participants to express their emotions & find out more about themselves within a safe, non-judgemental & nature surrounded nvironment.

To support individuals in reconnecting to themselves, to find relaxation & inner happiness.

Students will have sensorial fun experimenting with different art mediums & at the same time engage within a space that supports who they are.

Re-discovering their hidden strengths & special gifts that may be suppressed & regain self-esteem.

Each person’s needs & requirements are unique & we work from moment to moment & use whatever tools we know of for the best of each individual’s inner health.

We may also work hand in hand with the caregiver or parent for the best of the individual.

The criteria for joining this workshop is if the participant has:
*Looked through this website.
*Is willing & open to visit.

Subsidies for low income families offered.