Art with Special Support

This is a unique course for anyone who needs the support in life’s journey.
We welcome friends with: depression, bipolar, ADHD, obsessive compulsive behaviours (OCD), autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Enquire if you have any other symptoms not listed here and we will see how we may guide you.

This is also perfect for individuals with low self esteem, difficulty in coping with life or people around, fears or those going through terminal illnesses.

Any friends with any physical disabilities are also welcome to explore.   (Group class may be formed.)

This is commonly an individual class for all ages where full attention, love, understanding, patience and care will be given.

To transform through art and to bring back a deep remembrance of belonging and your true nature: joy.

This is a year round ongoing individual class.
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Exploring art together with the main five senses, this workshop aims to guide students to express their emotions and find out more about themselves within a safe, non-judgemental and nature surrounded environment.  To support individuals to reconnect to themselves and to find relaxation and inner joy.

Students will have sensorial fun experimenting with different arty mediums and at the same time engage within a space that supports who they are.  Re-discovering their strengths and special gifts that may have been hidden or suppressed, re-building self-esteem.

Workshops are conducted individually between 1.5hrs – 2 hrs per session.

We may work hand in hand with the caregiver or parent, if any, for the best of the individual.

Each person’s needs and requirements are unique.

The main criterias for joining this workshop is if the participant has:
*  looked through this website.
*  a willingness & openness to play with possibilites of enhancing their lives.
*  a need coming from themselves to visit or to explore.

Contact Dipa to discuss yours.

We offer subsidies from low income families, please check under: Rates and Specials

Dipa Ein Siak holds a postgraduate degree in Art & Design Education, minoring in Art Therapy from Goldsmith’s London UK.  She has worked with terminally ill children at the Royal Cancer Hospital in London and supported hundreds of teens and children with special needs.  

She also holds an accredited Masters degree in Social Science, Counselling and psychotherapy and is one of a handful certified in Systemic Family Constellation in Singapore. She is also the founder for the holistic group, Garden of Consciousness. Throughout her career, she has supported hundreds of individuals with special needs through art of the five senses to find their inner peace and joy.