Here is the start of the Free Art Project Ideas for students and art teachers.
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Art piece by Chia Han Lyn

This project is for creating, dare we say, almost professional looking art pieces even if you have zero training in art. Yes, it’s this simple. It is also an excellent way of exploring the exciting world of Mark Making.
Why make our own tools when we can buy them? This is because most of the marks made here, will not be achievable using any brush or pen. This creative project will invoke in you a sense of inner freedom and wild abandonment! Suitable and seriously fun for all ages.

Here are a few of our very favourite artists whose Mark Making pieces sends our hearts soaring. To appreciate their works, leave your mind aside and feel with your eyes and heart.

From left: Marthe Isaac, John Olsen

John Wolseley making his mark with the help of nature.

To begin, you will need the following 5 items:






1.  Any ink

2.  Variety of papers: cartridge paper, newspaper, brown wrappers, cardboard.

3.  Twine and masking or scorch tape.

4.  Lots of newspaper or any plastic sheet to cover the surface you are working on ~ so you can have the freedom to explore without the concern of staining your table or floor.

As in all nature, there is the inevitable cycle of life and death. We need not see death as something tragic, rather, we can use it and transform it into something beautiful! There is an abundance of fallen leaves and old twigs around.  Collect a range of different types of twigs and leaves and either use them as they are or bind them together to re-create your own and viola!  You have your art tools. See more examples of mark making tools here.

Look closely around your home and you will find a myriad array little things that you can re-use for this project. Put those plastic wrappings and shopping bags to good re-use here. Cut, roll, plait them into stripes and bind them together with the twine or tape to create your Art Tool. Putting toothpicks randomly in a row is one of our top favourite mark making tool. Dip your tools in ink and scratch, splatter, scrape, roll and tap. Here are what your marks and lines could look like!

An important Art Tip: Remember how your parents or teachers used to tell you to “Use your brains.” ? Well, we’re telling you, don’t use them here! Just enjoy the process and be playful!

We suggest you use a single ink colour to start with first and then progress to colours. This will help you stay focused on creative mark making first before adding variations with colour.

Create a personalised wrapping paper!

Designed by Dorothy Chan

With all the different sheets of experiments you have, cut, tear and put them together to form whatever image you like! Plant or flower forms, patterns or landscape as Carla has done here below. Pop in a simple frame and WOW yourself with it.

Artwork by Carla Tucker

Enjoy the process of mark making and send us your artworks here! The chosen artworks will be featured in the next Art Journey Newsletter!
If you are looking for reasonably priced picture and art frames, check out the framers to the artists, Mr Soo and Mr Lee here.