…..(Dipa) has always impressed me as an exceptionally talented and committed practicing artist and lecturer.

Her systematic methodology and strong work ethic always ensure positive results. Her artistic practice is technically sophisticated and theoretically informed.”

Milenko Prvacki, Dean La’Salle-SIA College of Fine Arts.

“I was able to express myself better through Dipa/s free-flowing energy in her class. I look forward to her class every time due to the freedom of being able to be myself and to express my ideas. I feel that many people will benefit a lot from the classes.”


Catherine Tang, LaSalle College of the Arts Singapore

“Thank-you for being such an important person in my educational life.”

Joyan Chan, LaSalle College of the Arts

“The concepts were well taught and I was able to understand and grasp them. The lessons have been extremely satisfying and invigorating. It was also fun and I learnt many new, easy and fresh techniques that looks good when applied. I learnt that there is more to art than just drawing and painting.” A Ong. Received B for O Level Art

“Art lessons throughout the year have been interesting. I’ve learnt a lot of stuff. Thank-you dipa for all the knowledge you’ve imparted throughout the year.” Received A for O level art.

“Imagine a beautiful art studio nestled amongst trees in a tranquil area in Singapore and you will find yourself at Visionary Art Workshop. It is in this beautiful setting that I met Dipa, a wonderfully gifted woman who helped me to find myself and recognise my innate talent as an artist.

As a practicing professional artist and teacher, Dipa’s approach is like no other and she has led me on a journey of self-discovery and creativity that resonated deeply with my inner being. Take my word for it, join a session and you are guaranteed to walk away with a sense of pure joy and peace! Thank you Dipa!”

Maria Chin

“Dipa is very knowledgeable about a multitude of genres, styles and techniques in painting. Once she knew what I wanted to learn and achieve, she taught me how to get to my goal….

She communicates clearly and effectively, is patient and encouraging, and has brought out a skill within me that I didn’t know I had. She is also a warm, humourous person who makes learning fun.”

Dorothy Chan, student for 5 years, former lawyer, artiste & baking extraordinaire

“Meeting Dipa at this point in my career exploration has been really fortuitous. I like to think that it was more along of the lines of “when you’re ready, the teacher will appear”. What’s been great is that I have found someone who “speaks my language”, who is familiar with the metaphysical realms and can facilitate my art explorations within the various beats humming through me (emotional, cognitive, intuitive).

She has provided an environment that evokes a sense of relaxed contemplation, within which one can be self directed or guided, as needs require. I do not see the class as art therapy, more of a shaking hands with your soul type meetings.”

MP, Masters Architecture Columbia University, USA

“It’s a pleasure to take Dipa classes. It’s where i find interest again in art since I’ve left it behind many years ago. Different from other traditional art classes taken before, Dipa’s way of teaching help to express one’s art work by exploring different ways of perception, different media and techniques….. through the many classes and different stages, I realized that Dipa classes in fact helped me explore more about myself.

I did enjoy more and more in the process of discovering different ways of expression in art. After all, the lessons gone through were not just for technique, but the attitude towards life and how to create something with our heart and mind!”

Betty Kwok, Hong Kong, now inspiring her staff into taking creative painting classes.

“Working with Dipa has been a fantastic experience. Her eclectic style and encouragement of individuality allows for the exploration of various mediums.

Dipa is also willing to go the extra mile with her students, putting time and effort into research and resources to facilitate their learning. Working with Dipa has been a very positive experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to 
explore art.”

Kasey Edmonds

“(Dipa’s workshops) are very informative and enriching. Dipa is a very patient and professional teacher who knows how to engage her students. Thanks Dipa!”

Helen Liande

Accounting Student from Indonesia – Took art lessons just to learn something new!

“Thank-you for all your help with my portfolio!”

Yi Ning, Successful applicant to Rhode Island School of Design, USA

“I only had a few months left before my art portfolio, which I’ve barely started, was due for my college admission. It didn’t seem possible to get so much done in such a short period of time, but Dipa helped made it happen – I ended up with 12 artworks for my portfolio. Dipa’s classes helped me a lot, because it is not like (other) art classes…. Her classes emphasizes on both technique and creativity.

Dipa observed my art and… helped strengthen my portfolio by coming up with projects that were more focused on the design/creative aspect of art. Unlike many art teachers that I had, Dipa actually pushed me and made sure that I was on schedule. This helped motivated me to complete my portfolio on time. We even had class on Christmas! But thanks to all this, I am now in my dream college!”

Pricilla Kwee, Successful applicant to the School of the Art – Institute of Chicago, USA

“Her lessons are well-integrated, age appropriate and wonderful sensory experiences for young children and at the end of it, visually aesthetic pieces of work were produced, of which we were proud of.”

Mrs Christina Ding, Principal of The Children’s Workshop


“The children at PMI look forward to Thursdays. This is the day Ms Dipa has her art classes. Parents have told me that their child will ask everyday, “It is Thursday?” and that Thursdays are the easiest days to get their child out of bed…. Truly, Ms Dipa does come up with great ideas to stimulate creativity….What is really great is that besides just being an art lesson, elements of science and character building are also encouraged in Dipa’s art classes. Great job!”

Magdelene Teo in front of children’s group artwork, Principal at the Pre-school for Multiple Intelligences Singapore

*Kindly note that Dipa only teaches children at PMI.

Cahyaning, accepted to Camberwell College of the Arts, London England.

“THANK-YOU so much for conducting this very enlightening and relaxing art retreat.”

ART Teachers of North Spring School.

“This workshop is very inspiring as I was being introduced to different methods and styles of drawing. …They definitely improved my accuracy and creativity.

Also, I liked her inclusion of metaphysics in art, it made sense and was useful for me to know…. The atmosphere of the workshop was always very pleasing which made time fly really fast every Saturday afternoon~ I will surely miss my time spend here!”

Mao Bang Yuan, People’s Republic of China. Accepted to “Public Ivies” University of Texas Austin USA for Architecture.

“… The art workshop is very creative and helps to develop creativity in the student….it is also very enjoyable and helps me to relax. It has been an eye opener for me to experience working with topics which I would never have thought of.

Thanks a lot for your help and time especially when I was preparing my portfolio! really appreciate your patience with me.”

Isabel Lye

Accepted into the Architecture graduate course in all 4 UK Universities of her choice: University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, University of Edinburgh, University of Liverpool & NUS.

“Been aching to tell you that Ping Qi is successful in her audition for School of the Arts Singapore…… a Great and Big Thanks To You……..share the joy. Thank you very much for those guidance given to ping qi and me too during that time.”

Kellie Tan,mum & Ping Qi ~ accepted into SOTA Singapore

“I wanted to thank you for everything I have learned in your class….I found the things we did interesting and mostly new to me. Right away, I thought you were very inspiring and had some fascinating outlooks on things that i would have never thought of otherwise.

I really admire your knowledge and wisdom. Thank-you for your patience and understanding when teaching.”

Marike Meurs

“I can’t even imagine what I would have done without you, so thank you again very much!!”

Marion C Roux

“…to think creatively, to explore, to feel, these are some of the things i have learnt. Throughout the lessons, I got to know more about myself and through myself i was unable to do art in an unconventional way, i learnt to feel, i learnt to listen, i learn how not to restrict myself is art.

Some exercises made me realize what was i thinking when i wasn’t thinking, how the environment can subconsciously affect my feelings without my knowledge and how I can apply it to my work. It was the most relaxing workshops i have taken.”

Andrew R Lee who explored creative and expressive art lessons

“Dipa has exposed me to a variety of techniques …. that I would have had to pick up from several different art courses ordinarily. Her knowledge of art techniques are wide and not restrictive. Art with Dipa is more than just developing technical skills.

She guides us to identify the emotions and message we want to portray in our artwork. It brings a sense of purpose to my art than just executing techniques to make standard compositions or re-producing other artists’ styles of work which is unfortunately what you end up doing in some art classes. It’s a pleasure to try new techniques and adapt them to my style to create something I would never have done on my own.”

Archana Shah, current student on motherhood sabbatical

“From Dipa’s class, I learnt to open my mind and be creative. What impressed me most is I’ve cultivated the ability to have different views. That skill helps me explore my mind and be more sensitive now. I have the ability to expand more ideas from one topic. Even when I am chatting with my “quiet” friends, I always can find something to talk. Thanks a lot ….~!!!”

Ya Wen Tang, Student from People’s Republic of China

“I was helped by Dipa a lot during the process of my painting. I am being exposed to a very new experience and unlike any art I have done before. This is great and I feel my creative juices flowing through my veins and really do enjoy creating art with my own fingertips and from my own ideas.

Dipa showed me a very key skill with blending contrasting colors, which came in handy abundantly in each work. I am truly learning a lot because she is pushing me a lot into territory which I enjoy much more to do and see but and perhaps am not as confident or good at doing, which is mixing a sorts of unlikely colors and creating a sort of mix of tones within one area. I am confident in Dipa’s skills as a teacher.” Noah Fraizer