“Never having had any guidance at all myself in the art techniques of drawing, painting and creating, I learnt how to master skills, fumbling through the hard & long way. There is no need now for you to go through that! My gift is having the ability to transfer what I know & guide you, the easy way, to be able to achieve your highest artistic potential. I believe in giving art lessons that are (really) interesting, relaxing, enjoyable & fun. In widening your perspectives about life through art, for all of us to grow in all ways to be the best human that we can be on this earth. To be able to see and appreciate the beauty of this life, which in fact is really just one big piece of artwork, a magical creation.

Dipa Ein Siak aka Fahn-ein Siak is a Professional Artist & a gifted intuitive Art Education Specialist. She is accredited by the Department of Education UK and Singapore as an Art and Design specialist for teens and adults. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Creativity, having guided over a thousand local and international art students to their full human creative potential. International students from all over South East Asia, Europe, USA, Russia, China, India and as far as Africa come to fulfil their passion for learning art. Students from a colourful array of backgrounds from prominent judges, engineers, mothers, civil servants, doctors, florists, flight attendants, lawyers, bankers, established artists, inmates in prisons, all find their personal unique voice in the world of art.