How To Create A
Fabulous Portfolio

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How To Create A Fabulous Portfolio

Applying to an art college may be a daunting task, especially if you have very little art background and/or you are planning to join an art college in an unfamiliar country abroad.  Here, I have whittled down the main points that they look for in an art portfolio irregardless of which faculty you are applying to.

Information based on my own experience as art student before and as an art lecturer today.  Advice that I wished I had when I was a student many many years ago!

I have also added art portfolio video support. Scroll down for a choice selection
Check in from time to time, we have much more to share and will be adding more tips and actual examples of student’s work as we go along!

Hope it will be useful to you and we wish you every success in your applications.


Here are the 8 simple steps to a fabulous art portfolio.

1.  Jiwon’s portfolio brief from Rhode Island School of Design was: “Bicycle”.  Instead of drawing a bicycle in it’s usual position, she found an old bicycle and got her parents to dent it by having them drive over it with their car!  She then recorded photos and drew herself with the dented bicycle in different poses. Above is the detailed section of her drawing. Needless to say, her creativity paid off and she got into her college of choice.
2.  Kasey’s creativity was in re-using old comic books. She re-created a “super’ self portrait with an entire backdrop.  She left edges open and irregular to create a sense of expansion and freedom.

Here are some sketches by students where you may observe some ‘extra lines’ in the drawings that would normally be erased.  Sometimes, leaving those lines there adds to the quality of the drawing and makes it visually more interesting,  It also shows the admission panel that the student has an understanding of observational skills in proportions, angle and form.

There is a plethora of video information out there to help you with your portfolio. We have searched, reviewed and picked a few of the more useful ones here so you have more time to spend working on your portfolio rather than figuring out over the wide web which to watch and learn from.


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