“Your artistic journey starts from your perceptions of the outer world into your inner one.
Your creative expression goes from your inner world & moves into the outer through sharing.
This gives a certain depth and meaning to art and makes it your own.” Dipa Ein Siak 

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Art Students Receive:
***1 FREE Art Consultation (by appointment only).
***Clear, Step by step, Professional & Qualified teaching.
***Unique Life Long W-holistic Creative Art Learning Skills imparted.
***Workshop notes supplied.
***Self Evaluation Progress Guide offered.
***No registration fee.
***No deposits required.
***Discounts with the major relevant art stores.
***Quiet and inspiring environment set in nature.
***20mins quiet tree lined walk from Orchard Road.
***Award Winning tea available upon request.
***(Mostly) healthy light snacks served upon request.
***Ample Free Parking.
***Good Vibrations.

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Low Income Families

We support:
*All art students from low income families who show talent, promise, dedication and commitment who wish to pursue further studies in any area of the arts.

Application is simple!  Arrange an appointment with the following prerequisites:

1. Interview with portfolio of applicant’s recent original artwork, if any.

2. Supporting statement by school principal, form teacher, art teacher or spiritual leader.

3. Past year’s bank statements.

4. Supporting letter by bank manager to state eligibility.